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How Indian Women Have Become Independent


How Indian Women Have Become Independent

We live in a world where people are only performing according to the stereotypes. Some of these are not even true and beyond the walks of reality. Some courageous people from our society who break the barriers and step out carving a new path for the others are normally looked down upon and are disrespected. But, it’s important to know what is right and what is illogical. Here are some of the women who have made an impact and in their lives and others by breaking the Stereotypes.

 Only b’coz m a boss doesn’t mean I’m bossyOne

Well yes! If a woman is serving as a boss in some organization or any institutions or even if she’s a politician, doesn’t really mean that she’d be bossing around everywhere. That clearly is a demand of the position which makes her a boss. She has acquired that place with hard work and determination just like any other man would. But otherwise, she surely knows how to win hearts by being polite and humble to people.


Only b’coz I don’t wear sarees, doesn’t mean I’m not traditional

TwoThis should be categorised in the myth section, ‘coz it is a myth!. Wearing sarees doesn’t make you traditional or a “Sanskari” woman. The world has seen and experienced the sinful acts of woman who always used to wear sarees. Doing and thinking good doesn’t really come from the kind of clothes you choose for yourself. It’s only a glitch of mind which should be eradicated.

Only b’coz I’m a homemaker, doesn’t mean I’m not talented

 Being a homemaker is in itself demands a whole lot of talent. But Threethat’s one thing. If a woman is a homemaker that doesn’t really mean that she doesn’t not p
ossess any creative talent. Every person has some or the other talent in himself. And so does a homemaker. She’s only letting it go for her family

Only b’coz I party, doesn’t mean I’m loose

 Who doesn’t like to party? Don’t men party? Then why does it become a great deal when a women or a girl is found partying. She is also happy and excited about something and wants to celebrate it with her friends and that’s about it! Partying does not indicate that you are loose. It is just a way to enjoy life and get out of the bubble for some time. It shouldn’t be looked down upon.

Only b’coz I have a career, doesn’t mean I don’t give time to family

A women is known for her strength and determination when it comes to her family. She is the giver. She knows what and how it is to be done in order to make things work while she is working as well. She might be working to support her family better and it takes a lot of courage to build your career with managing the house at the same time. And that again is another way to take care of the family. Isn’t it?Only b’coz I’m pretty, doesn’t mean I’m dumbSix

 Being pretty does not tag you as being dumb. What does prettiness has do to with the intellect? Yes, there are some woman who only give time grooming themselves even more day by day and so they have nothing else to do. But exceptions are always there. There are girls, the prettiest ones, that will make you think upon this once again. Knowledge enhances their beauty even more.



Only if I’m a sportsperson, doesn’t mean I’m not a feminine

Seven Feminism is not an art. It is something that builds inside you as you become a woman. It disappears no where but only takes some time off when you are a sportsperson. As you have to be as tough as possible in order to represent the country.

Only b’coz I’m outspoken, doesn’t mean I’m unreasonable

 Outspoken is a misunderstood word. You are catogorised as outspoken may be because the people around you are not that expressive or they fear of being judged which probably you do not. So you slpeak your mind and say whatever you think. But, at the same you are making a point and It’s totally worth it!

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